Judgement Day

Ah, yes, the day every young adult loves to hate and hates to love- the day of the interview. You’d made it this far. Getting that email to come in to talk was like winning the work force lottery. And yet, we all loathe the actual interview process. And I can’t count myself out of this. All I could think about before I got into the interview are all the things I could potentially mess up in those twenty minutes to halt the process of my career for the rest of my life. What do they want me to say? How much talking is too much? Is this skirt too short? But once it’s done, it’s done. And all you can do is pray that you’ve made a good impression.

All in all, I think my Cosmo interview went really well. The woman I met with was an absolute angel and her outfit was so New York chic- God, sometimes I miss the NY fashion when I’m in California. When you’re able to talk with a potential employer as if you’re having tea with a girlfriend, it’s a good sign in my book. When she told me I was “100% a Cosmo girl”, my heart melted. Look out for my sex column in the next few years! (Just kidding, but actually.)


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