Bullying is a Death Sentence

Recently, a student who is thought to be T.J. Lane of an Ohio high school, opened fire on fellow classmates with what seemed to be no motive. As the facts unravel, however, eyewitnesses say that the perp was a victim of bullying, an “outcast who had apparently been bullied”. Does this justify shooting down teenagers in their place of study? Of course not. It does, however, open our eyes to the very real terrors of the emotional trauma of being ridiculed.

When hostile adolescents take their anger out on the weak, they don’t think ahead of the consequences, such as possible gun shootings. They don’t think that their actions might, in fact, result in the death of people who have done no wrong, such as Daniel Parmertor, who was only in the wrong place at the wrong time. When our mental state snaps, nobody is innocent, so long as they’re within our reach. People need to think twice about what they do- not for themselves, but for everyone else that they’re potentially hurting. The human body can only endure so much before it searches for a way out and, in more severe cases, for revenge.

This situation at Auburn School Center, not unlike the horrible Columbine shooting, should be a reminder to all of us that bullying is a crime. We need to crack down on bullying of all times, and make it a felony before it reaches these points. Because, when it gets to the point that the victim becomes the perpetrator, justice is never truly served.


Rest in Peace Daniel Parmertor, and I wish speedy recoveries for the four victims.


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