Too much time wasted

Have you ever had a moment when you know you’ve come across someone you could be perfect with, but you take too much time initiating a conversation and suddenly they’re with someone else? This is precisely how I spent my Valentine’s Day. We were similar to the point that our dream college was the same. We both love the South, two Jewish city kids that wanted something more wholesome, biology majors with dreams. The only difference: I don’t drink, so I didn’t go to the after-party. He ended up hooking up with someone else. Maybe he liked her more. Maybe she was his someone. Who knows. But I’ve never felt like this before, like I just want to talk to someone and spend time with them in all sorts of ways. He’s me in so many aspects, and I wish he knew it. But I’m too damn shy, and I think I lost my chance. I can only hope I didn’t, because we’d be perfect together.


If only you knew.


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