Blossoming in the Place of Business

Today- or, rather, these past two hours- has made this week utterly surreal for me. After an email from one of Cosmo’s Senior Editors asking to set up an interview (as if that wasn’t enough), I get a call from Joie, the genteel clothing brand, asking to set up an interview as well. Whatever I’ve done to deserve such success in my life, I hope I continue to do it, because this is a dream come true. All those days scouring LinkedIn’s job postings under the impression that my cover letters would forever go unseen have finally paid off.


In other news, I have found myself rummaging through the racks of The Kooples recently, the European clothing line. Their clothes are edgy but not impossible to pull off, which I love. At Bloomies yesterday, I bought two shirts for a little under $250, both on sale, including the one pictured.

I hope everyone has had a lovely holiday. I know I’m officially on edge to return to California and begin my spring semester.

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