Fine, you’re a scholar, but you’re also jumping to conclusions: a response to the USC sit-in from a fellow USC student

If you haven’t heard already, USC has been all over the news today for an incident that occurred last night. In light of graduation coming up, a party was held a few blocks away from campus, and the police were called to shut it down. The problem? The party was predominantly blacks and hispanics, and the party across the street, with mostly caucasian students, was supposedly not treated in the same manner.

Obviously I am not, nor will I ever be, a proponent of racism, but I think my fellow Trojans are jumping the gun on this whole “DPS and the LAPD are racists, I am a scholar” movement. The only known, provable fact in the entire story is that an LAPD officer was sent to the hospital with injuries to his shoulder, caused by a beer bottle that was thrown at him by a party-goer. To say the party was not getting out of hand is generous at the least. Each news report gives a different number of police, a different number of party-goers, a different time in the night- in essence, nobody knows what happened, and so it’s just as plausible to say that LAPD is guilty as it is to say that the USC students are. It probably didn’t require 79 officers to break up a party, sure, but to jump to the conclusion that students were arrested because of their race is just playing the race card. I’m pretty sure if I threw a beer bottle at a police officer and blasted music at my house, I’d get arrested as well.

The lesson is, we need to learn to pick our battles. There is certainly racism in this world and in the LAPD, but perhaps this wasn’t the best exemplification of it, since neither side was completely innocent.

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