“USC Hook-Ups”

Some idiots at my school created a Facebook page called “USC Hook-Ups”, which has grown to have over 1,000 likes. At first, the page was kind of funny- people were writing about bad experiences with one-night stands and funny encounters on the dance floor- but quickly the page erupted into stories that bordered on sexual assault and rape. For the most part, the page encourages people to have one-night stands and then laugh about it when they don’t continue to have contact with the person afterwards. What kind of a culture is this, where we think it’s entertaining to make love to people we don’t know and post about it? I myself was taken advantage of by a guy who never contacted me again, and I know that I don’t think it’s funny. I don’t think it should even take a personal experience to realize how messed up the page is. Rape, sexual assault- these things are not a joke. And if we start by joking about one-night stands and blow jobs, it’s only giving society the perfect segway into rape jokes.


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