Dear EVK…

To whom it may concern,

            After a month spent living in the residence halls of USC, I have come to the conclusion that the dining hall closest to the North residents- known as EVK- is less than satisfactory, because of nobody’s fault in particular. A combination of lack of options, constantly broken machines, lines going out the door, and packed tables leaves us students hungry and tired, but instead of complaining to you uselessly, I hope I can offer to you some solutions that you truly digest.

            First of all, something needs to be done to sort out the line at the front door. Most of us have about 20-30 minutes between classes to get breakfast or lunch, and the line itself takes fifteen minutes. There needs to be a more efficient way of swiping us in, such as a machine that scans the back of our card or two people at the front register swiping cards at one time. We simply do not have the time, or patience, to wait for twenty minutes to get our basic meals.

            Next, I’d like to address the problem of seating. It is taunting to see that there is an entirely unused section of EVK that is reserved for banquets, unavailable to the student population. Why not open this up regularly, and close it down when it is needed for special occasions? This would reduce the lines for food with the introduction of another buffet and help with the problem of seating.

            Another issue is vegetarian alternatives. For the most part, the food served is either meat or pizza, and after a few weeks the pizza becomes repetitive. There needs to be some sort of vegetarian option that is both healthy and appetizing for those who are vegetarian. Some options could be ratatouille, spaghetti, meatless meatballs, grilled tofu, butternut squash, etc. Vegetarian dishes are easy to make, and I would be happy to provide healthy recipes for the chefs. It is unfair that we are stuck eating salads on a daily basis because there is nothing else for us.

            Lastly, why can’t we have a full sandwich? I don’t quite understand why we have to wait in line for ten minutes and receive a small piece of bread instead of a full sandwich. We have unlimited dining plans- we should be able to get as much of a sandwich as we want!


I hope this letter comes off as amicable and in no way belligerent. I do not blame anyone, especially the EVK staff, for these issues; I am simply trying to suggest ways to solve them, because I’d like to spend the rest of the year healthy and happy.


Thank you,

Morgan Greenwald

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