Dining Hall Blues

I’m going to make this post really informal because I’m literally going to write things as I think them. But basically USC’s dining hall systems is a piece of shit. And it’s not even that the food is sub par. The freshmen 15 is no rumor- we all resort to pizza and frozen yogurt because it’s all we have left when we don’t want to wait in 2 hour lines for the shitty Mongolian bar or have soggy lettuce for lunch and dinner again. But the worst part? Swiping in just to wait in more lines for the shitty food. It takes HOURS of waiting even though we all know we have unlimited fucking plans. These fucking employees are so slow and it might just be my New York attitude but we all have places to be. This isn’t leisurely lunch hour and we don’t have time for the staff to take ten minutes per person. You swipe the card and move on; it’s not that hard. If you can’t do your job, we’ll get someone else to do it for you. Or why can’t USC just get a machine to do the swiping? The whole thing is ridiculous. We have x amount of time to eat and we spend most of it waiting to be swiped in. The dining system is a fucking joke and it makes me so irked. By the time I’m done with my meal, I’m still hungry and angrier than I was before.

End rant.

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