Tears (I Shed During Watching) of Gaza

I don’t know if many have heard of the movie “Tears of Gaza”, but I went to an early screening and a Q & A with the director Vibeke Lokkeberg and I was appalled by the bias that the audience had against Israel. The movie promotes an “anti-war” stance, but if you watch the movie, you hear repeated testimonies ranging from “Curse Israel!” to “Let those Israelis die!” If a person wants to make an anti-war film, they cannot specifically target a country and say they are not biased against that country. The director said she and her husband were not for getting into politics, but the film is extremely political. They should know what they’re in for with their sub-par film that takes out of context the situation in Gaza and makes the Israeli look like the enemy.


Please, take the time to see this movie, and tell me how you feel. If you don’t have the same opinions that I do, that’s okay. I just think the director is naive for thinking that there would be no politics surrounding the issue or that the movie wouldn’t be taken with a grain of salt.

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