What constitutes a “spoiled brat”?

I’ve been called spoiled many times, and I’ve been called a brat equally often, but the words together seem to imply a meaning of their own. Today, my neighbor made it his job to inform me that I was no more than a “daddy’s girl who doesn’t work and never will because she’s just a spoiled brat”. And so I ask you, what is a spoiled brat? I do not deny that I have been privileged in my upbringing, but I will never say that I haven’t worked my ass off for everything I’ve been given. Did I pay my way into the University of Southern California? No. I worked to graduate in three years and I will work as hard as I can throughout college and my career to achieve my maximum potential, and further. A spoiled brat lives off of daddy’s money and never works, majors in MRS in college and finds a husband who will support her. I do not plan on doing any of those things. So no, I do not consider myself a spoiled brat and I hope nobody else here does either. I have a huge work ethic and I’m one of the most ambitious people I know, so next time you want to call me a “spoiled brat”, get your facts straight.

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