I feel as if I’ve been on a temporary hiatus due to emotion overload. After coming back from a semester abroad, my tolerance for people my age has reached an all time low, which can be seen as both a good thing (I’ve matured immensely) and a bad thing (I have a low tolerance level and I’m too old for my own good). Today I’m getting my hair straightening (permanently) in the city, so I figured, what better time to blog than amidst the pangs of pain from the straightener burning my scalp! A friend and I got into a disagreement last night because he saw something that I was upset about as petty and ridiculous. I’m fact, he told me that the fact that I was upset about it at all made him lose respect for me, and pulled the “there’s children starving in Africa card” since it had to do with material things. Let me just say, don’t ever let someone tell you your sadness isn’t justified because someone has it worse. It’s no competition. Is our happiness not justified too because someone also has it better? I can’t apologize for being who I am, and getting upset over material things. Let’s face it: if these kids in poverty had material things, they would take full advantage of them. This is all for today. The vote for the primary is happening in the coming weeks, and because I’m still 17 I cannot vote (but I can on November 4th!), so be sure to choose the least of four evils and don’t blame yourself for the lack of worthy candidates.

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