Don Ritchie: the man who saved

Although I didn’t know this name until recently, Don Ritchie is an amazing man who saved over 100 lives through the simple act of kindness. On the website known as “Gives Me Hope” (abbreviated GMH), someone posted about how “a man in his 80’s” stands by a cliff where people often go to commit suicide and rushes over and tries to help them every time they’re about to jump. The girl that posted this didn’t even know who he was, but posted on the website because his actions were such an inspiration. The fact that this man gave us his time in his final years to save other people’s lives is stupefying to me. It’s great to know that there are good people in this world, and one day all those people that you saved will tell you about their long, happy lives when they get to heaven at their rightful time.

Rest in Peace.

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