KONY 2012?

“In addition to the problems of poverty and nodding disease Izama highlights, Uganda is barely (if at all) democratic, and the president Yoweri Museveni ushered himself to a 4th term last year, taking him to over 25 years in power. Corruption is rampant, social services are minimal, and human rights abuses by the government common and well documented. Oh, and oil is on the way.

Stopping Kony won’t change any of these things, and if more hardware and money flow to Museveni’s military, Invisible Children’s campaign may even worsen some problems.”

Michael Wilkerson, foreignpolicy.com read the article here


I feel I jumped on board too quickly with the KONY 2012 cause. I saw crying kids and was moved by the power of an MTV-esque film, and suddenly I wanted everybody I knew to jump on board to a cause I knew little about. As I read into the cause, however, I realized there really isn’t one at all. The video claims Kony is in Uganda, and that we need to deploy troops there, when in fact he’s been driven out of Uganda into another African country, with his troops numbering now in the thirties. While there are hundreds and thousands of issues in Africa that must be dealt with- disease, poverty, child prostitution- KONY 2012 is outdated and over propagandized. Ignorant, guilty white people like myself jump on board with Kony 2012 because we want to feel good about ourselves, but we don’t look into the cause with detail. Doing that would only cause more guilt. I, however, did take the time, and only to realize this isn’t a battle worth fighting, because it isn’t a battle at all! For all we know, Kony has starved to death in the jungles where he’s hiding out. Let’s use our energies to focus on real problems, like diseases and abductions that are actually happening in the present.

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