And I’m finally into the swing of things

I think I’ve finally created a sufficient pattern for my life in Paris. My schedule for school is falling into place, and I love my classes so far. I am going to be taking lectures on cooking and the life habits of Parisians, both of which I can’t wait to begin. Overall, Paris has been an experience, to sum it up in a word. It’s been a hard adjustment being so young and independent with so many older kids who have been in college for 2-3 years- some of them are already out of college. They’ve got this whole weekend warrior thing down pat, whereas this past weekend was my first time going out. If I had things my way, I would probably just go see movies and shows and not drink at all, but I’m giving everything a try because I don’t know too many people here and it seems like even the infants are intoxicated on Saturdays. This experience definitely makes me antsy for my full college experience to commence, but I still have months of this trip before even contemplating my next trek. The kids in the program are all going to Brussels this weekend, but I decided not to go along since I still don’t feel completely myself with everyone. It takes me a while to find my place in a group, and until I do, I think it’s best that I don’t start traveling to other countries aside from France with them. What this means: I’ll have the entire weekend- and apartment- to myself. This will surely be an experiment.



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