Don’t ask me why, but I effing hate to write about all the stuff I’ve done thus far in Paris. It doesn’t spark my interest to recollect the all too regular experiences I’ve had traveling around Paris, touring like a tourist, doing nothing that was worth writing about in the moment. If I had something worth sharing, then I’d write it… but I don’t. My life here has been pretty regular, aside from the fact that I get bored all too easily. I’m used to being in class 10-12 hours a day, but so far I’m only in class for 2 hours a day here. There’s no English TV, so the only things I find to keep me entertained are my books, cooking, and homework. Writing this out makes me sound even nerdier than I am. Or maybe I am just that nerdy. I just love to learn and be in perpetual motion. Transitioning from NYC to Paris hasn’t been easy, especially since the culture here is much slower. I’m not the best with change, but in four months I feel I’ll learn to adjust eventually. I do miss my city life though. And I wish I could eat out more.. all of the others on the program I’m with are on a budget, and it’s not exactly fashionable to eat out alone.. or fun. If anyone wants to meet me for dinner in Paris, let me know! 😉


Au revoir for now,



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