And the owls have taken off..

And so the anxiety truly begins: the letters have been sent in the mail with decisions for round two of early decision to college: Vanderbilt edition. Nervous can’t explain what I’m feeling. Luckily, I’m in Paris, so I can distract myself with les magasins et les musees.


I’d say wish me luck, but the decisions have been made. At this point, just help me stay distracted and optimistic!


Ayez un bon weekend!

One thought on “And the owls have taken off..

  1. Ah, don’t worry. C’est sera sera! You will go to a good college, whichever one it is, and will soar once you graduate! I can remember being where you are (not in Paris; worrying about which school I’d get into.) Youth deceives us into thinking some things are more important than they actually are. Enjoy Paris and life without student loans hanging over your head!

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