Oklahoma retaining the less impressive acts of Clinton’s reign

The state representative of Oklahoma, Senator Mike Reynolds, is fighting for a bill that would prevent gays and lesbians from openly participating in the state’s National Guard. Although modeled after “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”, this bill takes the miniscule fairness away that Clinton’s act had, allowing state officials to directly ask someone their sexuality.


Why are there still states out there in the United States of America that hold ideals similar to those of North Korea? DADT was repealed for a reason: because it had no justification in being published, and only worsened the discrimination that gay men and women felt in the army, serving their country. If people keep up this attitude, soon enough American will have a higher suicide rate and little pride.


If anyone- gay, straight, bisexual, transgender- wants to risk their life to protect their country, it’s not up to the state to tell them they can’t because of an aspect of their life that does not affect their ability to fight. It’s because of people like Senator Mike Reynolds and their farfetched views on being gay that our country is still filled with blind ignorance.


If you want to fight this act, click here and sign the petition:


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