An Hour At The Consulate

France, although one of my favorite countries historically and culturally, is far out of date on simple concepts: especially when it comes to efficiency. I arrived at the Embassy today at 9:15 for my 9:30 appointment, hoping to get in and get out before I’d have to actually leave for France. But alas, the Europeans never fail to surprise the New Yorker with their slow pace-referred to by culprits as “relaxing”- and two windows for dozens of applicants.

After an hour of waiting, I had an appointment that took approximately 5 minutes (of course, I’m still flustered as to why I was waiting so long for THAT). Afterwards, I endured another thirty minutes of overheating and anxiety; finally, I had another 2 minute appointment in which my finger prints were taken.

I can’t explain the delay, aside from the nonchalant attitude that certain people address life with. This attitude is harmful to the New Yorker, who always needs to be somewhere else. Waiting is a waste of time, not a skill obtained by the mature and patient. I live life to the fullest by rushing the mandatory, crappy things. Hell, I even graduated a year early. Slow and steady does not, in fact, win any
race; slow and steady results in failure, because time is not of unlimited supply.

Why am I in a hurry? Because I’m going to die one day, that’s why.

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